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Want to see what other people are saying about Flip In The Bird and their line of proven topwater baits for bass? Here's a few people, just like you, who discovered just how easy it is to catch bigger bass using this innovative new bass fishing lure.

Just wanted to say thanks again for the replacement bird and the extra one! you guys are amazing. customer service top notch. thanks again so much. Take it easy you guys. Tight lines...

Jon Calsbeek

Well, because I am so outspoken about fishing topwaters, and frogs in particular, I have been given the opportunity to try a new lure....The Flip In the Bird, first with proto-types of the lure, and now with the final product....and I AM DIGGING IT BIGTIME !!!!

Wild Bill
Wishin' I'm Fishin'
Nassau County, NY

Hi Mac
Yea I have seen a bass eat a red wing on the delta and seen bass up at clear lake leaping a foot out of the water to try and get a bird. But when bass are inactive I believe the walk is just more enticing on any top water bait.

Cooch Thanks for the info the price is right and the bait looks amazing, I hope he makes alot of the red wing up front thats gonna be a hot color on this River

Tight Lines yall I gotta a frog tourney to go fish, Hey I can see it now, A flip the bird only tourney?


For you froggers out there looking to throw something these fish haven't seen yet, Flipin The Bird is the answer! Not only is it a NEW profile but it walks extremely tight! It's versatile too, walk the dog, pop it, chug it, twitch it, and of course dead stick it. You choose the cover and let that Birdie fly!

Mack From Hollister California


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