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Peacock Bass and The Bird.

Peacock bass are begging for a worthy top water lure. Flip In The Bird Lure has had some success with peacock bass attacking the bird, however we have come to the conclusion that we need to make a larger bait for both Peacock bass and Muskie. I saw this article written by Danny Barker on […]

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Awesome Tackle Box For Bass Fishing

I saw this tackle box and thought how great the FLip In The Bird Lure Would Look Inside One. Flambeau 9030 Super Max Satchel Tackle Box How is your Bird Fishing Lure Set Up In Your Box? Learn More About box here… Fits more tackle per square inch than most tackle boxes!

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Teens LOVE Flip In The BIrd Lure

We have been enjoying seeing so many young anglers getting a rush out of using The Bird. The Teens seem to have a great understanding of how fish think, and they are not jaded by years of crappy baits being shoved down their throats, luckily for us and them they found Flip In The Bird […]

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