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New Junior Angler: Carter White

By Carter White

I live in southern georgia and fishing is just a part of life for me. I’ve had so much fun fishing with family and friends and have created lots of memory’s. my dads not much of a fisherman or my grandpa but my great grandad was.

Thanks to him we have a cabin in the mountains of north georgia on lake chatuge. Chatuge is not a very good bass lake actually it’s considered the worst in georgia. I have managed to find success with the spots there though. Catching fish there gives me the confidence that I can catch fish anywhere. My best memory though is when is was younger my whole family would load up in the pontoon and my grandpa would take us to a spot we called the secret fishing spot it was just a bank with tons of rocks and we would just pull out tons and tons of bream. we would catch about 50 in a hour or so they just bit better than anywhere ive eve been. Most my fishing memory’s come from fishing with my best friend jace.

We’ve been friends since we were to we grew up going to church together and were both extremely crazy about fishing. Infact when I go fishing with out him it is weird because we feed off withers knowledge to know what baits workin plus were both competitive which drives us to be the best angler we an. My beat fishing memory was with him its when i landed my 8 pounder this past summer. i was also there when he caught his 7 pounder.

We’ve created a lot of memory’s together nd are tournament partners.Now we are still best friends and still love fishing its just about all we do. Those are my fishing experiences with my family and friends.

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