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My favorite techniques and top water opinions

by Carter White
There are so many techniques for bass fishing out there I learn new rigs and techniques all the time from Carolina rig to wackey to top water and all the way to crank baits there tons of options. My preferred and most often used is the classic Texas rig. Texas rig has produced 100s if fish for me and has caught me more fish than any other technique.

My favorite thing to through Texas is a zoom lizard in green watermelon rigged on a 3 or 4/0 hook with a 1/8 oz bullet weight thrown on 14 pound fluorocarbon on a lees speed spool with a 7 ft skeet Reese. I like to work in on banks and shallow flats on the bottem with a jerk and reel than a few seconds of sitting after fishing like this it almost becomeS a natural motion. I also am a big fan of top waters because the produce large fish. The bird is my go to lure because of its design and also the plastic formula.

I like the plastic because lots of frogs such as the Matzuo frog have a really nice tough durable plastic but is fairly hard to push down. Then the koppers frog which is easy to push down but the plastic tears easily and rips making the lure useless. The bird has the best of both worlds with an easy push down to the hook yet a very tough durable plastic that will last you a while. I like to flip the bird under low overhang on the bank using 40 pound braid on the quantum escalade using a skeet Reese 7 ft rod.

Those are my two go to rigs for when I want quantity or quality fish and a little insight to how I fish them.

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