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Kyle Louis: Fishing Experiences with friends

By Kyle Louis

My friend went to his secret spot. They only had 2 hours to fish so they didn’t have time to walk all the way down where they usually go. While they were walking they saw a bunch of shad jumping in about 1 to 2 feet of water. So they decided to go see what was going on. They started casting and there was a school of bass eating the sad. They were using shad color crank baits and they were getting hits on every other casts. When they had to leave they ended up catching 90 plus bass.

He and his friend went back the next day but they didn’t try to catch the bass eating the shad they went down to where we usually go it wasn’t as good but they still caught a lot but not a ton. The next day my friend and I decided to go we walked down to the usual spot we caught a few walking down I was using lipless crank bait on one pole and spinner bait on the other. In the morning I caught the most with the spinner bait and later I caught more on the crank bait. I switched the spinner bait with a California swim jig with a roboworm ez shad as the trailer it worked pretty well but then I lost it.

On the way back we caught a few more but when we got up to the shallows were all the shad were I started catching a ton with crank baits and spinner baits. My friend was trying to get top water fish with buzz bait but they stopped biting it so he decided to switch to a crank bait and started catching a lot. My friend told me to tie on a top water frog to see if I could get some blow ups. I was working my frog and my friend looked like he was getting ready to set the hook so I asked him are you about to set the hook and he said no but you should and as soon as he said that I got my first blow up and I got really excited but I missed that fish so I kept casting and finally got one.

Then it started getting dark and my parents came to pick us up. And that was the end of the exciding day of fishing.

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