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How to catch big bass with Flip in the bird

If you’re a bass fisherman, most of the time your going to go out hoping to catch big bass. Most all anglers have that mind set. But if you’re a tournament bass fisherman, it’s that hope becomes a need. Now why is that? It’s simple! We need to have the biggest five fish on tournament day, so were always trying to catch bigger bass, whether pre-fishing or just having fun.

When people think of “Big Fish,” the most common lures or techniques that result in bigger bass include: swimbaits, jigs, spinnerbaits, and flipping. Now all these types of lures and techniques are great and do work. But I feel the bird has an advantage over them.

During the fall or early spring when the big fish come out, where are you going to fish? Staging areas, ledges, points, weed edges with current; the list goes on and on. Well here on the delta, these places are everywhere, and you need to have an advantage over other anglers. So one thing you could do is look into the brush or tules. And what do you find on top of them? Chances are you’ll find a very common creature known as the red wing black bird.

In this situation, it is best if you think of a bass as you would a dog. Your dog will watch you eat and when one little crumb falls he/she is going to be all over it. Well, bass are the same way. They see the birds on the bank, and there waiting for one to fall. So when a bird falls, there going to jump all over it.

Another place to look for bigger bass is down around the flooded islands where there are little cuts where the land breaks off. Instead of throwing a crank bait or worm, which is very common, why not Flip in the Bird.

Another way that is very effective is to find an area with a big flat, with weeds and just toss out the Bird in the middle. Whether the tide is low or high, you have a chance to get a bass to bite. And when the tide drops, that flat will mat up and it makes it even easier to find the fish, though I advise you to avoid chopping up the weeds. When this happens, the fish will spook out and turn off.

Don’t get me wrong, the bird is very versatile and is very effective everywhere bass may gather, theses are just my favorite ways to catch big bass. So I hope this helps you out when you Flip In The Bird.

I would like to close with the best set up I have found when you Flip In The Bird. I use a Powell 704, with a high speed Abu Garcia Revo sx, spooled up with 65 lb spiderwire braid. You should choose braid when fishing top water, but if you are fishing clear lakes you can get away with mono. One last tip: when fishing the Bird don’t just check out the spots I mentioned here. Instead, look everywhere because big fish will cruise from spot to spot when they’re feeding. They’re not always going to sit on one spot.

I want to thank everyone at Flip in the Bird and wish tight lines to all of you.

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