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How I Catch Bigger Bass Using a Flip In The Bird Lure

This contribution is from Brandon Dawson of Illinois:

A Flip In the Bird lure is THE lure to catch to catch bigger and better bass. It has all the components of a legendary lure.

First of all, it’s an innovative lure. It’s the first and only hollow bodied bird lure on the market today. Innovative lures mean that most bass will strike it just out of curiosity.

The soft plastic body will collapse with the slightest pressure but that’s not going to be an issue with the vicious and violent strikes this will draw from trophy bass.

Because of its weedless design, it can go places other lures cannot: over emerged wood, through heavy weed mats, next to reeds and cattails. These are the spots that large bass live to ambush prey but anglers can’t reach.

Once exposed on the hookset, the sticky sharp hooks will grab and not let go until you choose to release your catch.

The realistic lure patterns allow you to mimic local bird species that will convince the most cautious bass to take a bite.

It has nine rubber limbs that will move even when the lure is sitting completely still giving this lure a whole new level of life like action. Since the rubber limbs have knots tied on the inside, they will not eventually be pulled out like what happens on some frog lures that anglers try to modify like the Flip In the Bird lure.

When bass are wary and you can’t get too close to them or when sometimes the best way to catch find and catch fish is to simply cover water. The Flip In the Bird lure’s 5/8 ounces and compact size allow it to glide further than thought possible to find and catch fish.

Think about what type of bass will attack a bird. It has to be big and bad to eat a bird. You will definitely get your limit of keepers with this lure. It also has to have a huge appetite which means every strike will be like a freight train. Aggressive strikes mean better hookup ratios.

Those are the reasons why every angler should get a Flip In the Bird lure to catch to catch bigger bass.

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