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How and Why I Flip the Bird

First, I would like to start off by saying hello, I am Jonathan Miller, a 22 year old graduate from Shippensburg University, where I am currently working on my MBA. Hopefully I’ll never have to use it, because I am attempting to work my way into the career as a professional bass fisherman and all the nuances that are involved with the career choice.

In this article though, I’ll be focusing on “how” and “why” I flip the bird. This will be a two part article, first focusing on the how aspect, the equipment, technique, and various nuances of fishing with the bird. Then I’ll transition into part two, which will focus on why and where I fish the bird lure to successfully target and catch bigger bass. Oh, Do not forget to check out our Writers Incentive Program Earn Money and Product

Equipment for Fishing Top Water Lures

In my opinion, the Flip In The Bird has a specific niche, where it is the best top water lure available and a definite big bass lure. First, equipment.

To effectively fish this top water lure, it takes the right equipment. I recommend a seven to seven and a half foot, heavy power rod with a fast action to allow for ultimate power with a fast tip. Longer, more stout rods, with a tiff tip, prevent the natural action of the bait, and cause the angler to “over work” the bait, unfortunately pulling the bait from the strike zone.

Braided line is essential for most top water baits and the bird is no exception. The bird lure is an effective bass lure when fishing over, under, or around thick, heavy, or stationary structure, thus I recommend fifty to sixty pound braid for really hauling big fish away from obstruction.

When discussing reels, I suggest using a higher speed ratio, starting with six four to one or higher. The reason the reel makes a difference is the rate of line retrieval. This plays a large role in being able to pull large fish from heavy cover and preventing fish from driving themselves deeper in to thick grass like structure.

Techniques and locations to fish the bird will be discussed in part 2 in great detail. This was solely introductory basics of bird fishing just to lay the foundation of the proper equipment that is needed to fish the bird, without the equipment the greatest technique makes no difference. Look for part two in the near future and I will also post a page about myself to give you insight on background.


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