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How and Where I Flip the Bird: Part 2

When it comes to the bird, there is one thing that is obvious; it’s a top water bait. But, my philosophy on where and    how I fish the bait do not necessarily coincide with the typical locations and tactics employed for many of the top water, hollow-bodied baits that take up space within my boat. First I will start by saying, when I think bird, I think cover, and when I think cover I think a jig. Therefore, I apply many of the of my jig tactics to my bird fishing, which I believe helps fish the bird more effectively and in areas that are not suspect to constant top water pressure.

Location IS Everything When Bass Fishing

Where to fish the bird? I recommend fishing the bird in areas you would typically pitch a jig and fish the bird like a jig. This means I focus on overhanging specific targets and make constant pitches with the bird just like a jig. I focus on overhanging shrubbery, trees, banks, docks, vegetation, etc. These areas offer a prime location to skip a top water bait with the idea that you would pitch a jig into the same area. Overhanging structure of any type creates shade, dampens light, creates structure, and gives big trophy bass an area to ambush prey.

Areas that provide shade, with a source of structure, such as a dock are also subject to big bass that will graciously devour a big fish bait such as a bird. Keying in on these areas, areas you instinctively would skip a lure of some sort are the beginning steps to figuring out the most productive way to fish the bird lure.

Getting Some Action

How to fish the bird? When fishing the bird, I like to think outside the box, relating the big bass lure to a jig, but specifically, a cold water winter jig bite. When I say this I am referring the activity of your bait, or lack thereof so to speak. In the winter you typically fish a jig slow and methodically, letting the subtle movements of the bait create a natural presence inducing a strike.

For me, fishing the bird is the same type of approach, Natural. The bird bait works best when you do not overwork the bait. The bird is meant profile a bird and “spin” so to speak like a distressed bird when twitched. Fishing the bird like a cold water jig means letting the bird sit upon impact to the water on the initial cast, settle, and let the appendages of the bird spread and creating the unique enticing profile. Over working the bait prevent the profile of the bait to correctly express its action, thus think cold water jig, think natural, think do nothing approach.

Rolling for Thunder

Skipping the bird with a roll cast and proper reel control allows for tight untouched waters to be exploited. Although I recommend the action implied on the bait to be natural, the bait can still be worked fast, like a jig. Roll cast, skip the bait, let it settle, profile expands, “twitch the bait” to create the spinning distressed action, let the wings re expand, then reel in and repeat much like flipping a jig. These are just my experiences and how I fish this tremendous top water bait with great success, experimentation is the best form of advancement.

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