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Leaving winter, Entering Tournament Season

As we proceed to the beginning of the tournament season, many anglers will encounter the first competition primarily focused on the prespawn and staging fish. This typically means fish are leaving their winter haunts to press the shallows and feed before entering the spawn. For the tidal Potomac, this typically means fish are locating themselves […]

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Bird Nests?

This is a play on words, Bird Nests, referring to the love hate relationship many anglers have with bed fishing in the promising weeks in the holy grail of bass fishing, the spawn. During the spawn many angler have a feast or famine day on the water. Typically, anglers love the spawn because they have […]

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Fishing with Family

This contribution comes from Brandon Dawson of Illinois: This fall I had a great time teaching my brother-in-law and my nephew how to catch bigger bass. When my nephew was three years old he asked me to teach him to fish and I can vividly remember his mother shaking her head no in the background. […]

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