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Want to catch up on the latest from the team behind Flip In The Bird? Check here often to stay up to date on the world of bass fishing and Flip In The Bird!

Leaving winter, Entering Tournament Season

As we proceed to the beginning of the tournament season, many anglers will encounter the first competition primarily focused on the prespawn and staging fish. This typically means fish are leaving their winter haunts to press the shallows and feed before entering the spawn. For the tidal Potomac, this typically means fish are locating themselves […]

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Does Flip In The Bird Work?

The most common question people ask about Flip In The Bird is, “Does Flip In The Bird work?” We decided that the second best way to convince you to try the most innovative topwater lure for bass you’ll ever find is by showing you just how successful it can be. Here’s a video montage of […]

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Teens LOVE Flip In The BIrd Lure

We have been enjoying seeing so many young anglers getting a rush out of using The Bird. The Teens seem to have a great understanding of how fish think, and they are not jaded by years of crappy baits being shoved down their throats, luckily for us and them they found Flip In The Bird […]

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Introducing some new members to the team.

Travis Manson Manson with Flip In The Bird 5/31/2012 Flip In The Bird, manufacturer of the bird-imitation topwater lure, has added Bassmaster Elite Series angler Travis Manson to its pro staff. “We at Flip In The Bird are honored and thrilled to have Travis Manson as our new Elite Series pro,” company co-owners Sam Kennedy […]

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Welcome Buyers and Retailers

Welcome Buyers and Retailers. This is the next Category in top water. Why dress a frog to look like a bird ?? Thank you for your interest in Flip In The Bird ( Patent Pending) . We are the ORIGINAL SOFT HOLLOW BODIED WEEDLESS BIRD FISHING LURE. If you know anything about top water fishing […]

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