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So called bass fishing experts are cynical dream crushers

I was reading the below bass fishing article this evening and had to comment.Let me first start off by saying
I dislike dream crushers. With that being said I will now comment on the said article. Gary Yamamoto, started as little bait and tackle shop in Arizona and started selling worms.Live Target was started by Grant Koppers whom was a guide in Florida just a few years ago. Hellin who created the flat fish was told in the fiftys your crazy for taking a risk “your lure will never sell” they said. Yes some ideas are nutty, and even down right crap, and should never end up in the tackle boxes of America or anywhere else for that mater. However so many great ideas have been left on the Garage table,while crap after crap and more crap keeps being pushed down our throats by the mighty giants of the industry. I am sick and tired of listening to people telling others they simply cant do it, instead of giving avenues that can help create success , especially when you do have a solid idea or a new concept in a lure. We at Flip In The Bird have made our share of mistakes in the bass fishing industry, and I for one have wanted to give up somedays. I know now how to produce a great lure while operating on a shoe string budget, we grew our company on 4 g in advertising budget and no experience at all in retail, please call me if you want advice on what worked for us and what did not , my number is 408 771-8814

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