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Bass dying in Susquehanna, bass fishing is taking a hit. Epa slow to act.

I was reading an article in Patriot News of Pennsylvania regarding the state of small mouth bass in the Susquehanna fishery in Pennsylvania. The small mouth bass population is literally dying off due to the agri industry and even though several solutions have been laid upon the table yet the EPA and local state officials have yet to solve or even try to solve the problem. Recently speaking to an IRS agent whos job it is to collect excise taxes from small fishing lure companies like ours at Flip In The bird he told us this tax is to protect and serve the fisheries and lakes throughout the country. It makes my skull itch when I read articles like this because our company’s hard earned money is not being used wisely. This stonewalling due to low funding simply is inexcusable. While the IRS is collecting millions of dollars from all these small companies doing nothing to solve the problem will only make a once abundant fishery a dead zone for bass fishing.

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