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Airrus X Entity 6.6 is a perfect bass rod for Flip In The Bird Lure.

Our Friends over in Italy that we had the pleasure of meeting at ICAST in Florida in 2012 have created a true work of art in this rod. When I asked what would be the best bass rod to use when Flipin The Bird? without hesitation they said X Entity. This rod is a masterpiece.Imagine yourself casting a very light bait further and more precisely. Imagine yourself feeling every obstacle thanks to increased vibrations, moving the bait over it, feeling the slightest bite and then setting the hook with the extreme power and speed of the AOS backbone. That’s the future.That’s a reality. That’s the X-Entity. That’s now. Learn more

The Best Bass Rod

Flip The Bird With the extreme X Entity Rod From Airrus, a true bass rod.

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