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The Bird Goes Long!

Renowned Big Bass Hunter Mike Long and “The Bird” designer Sam Kennedy have teamed up to create the Mike Long Signature Bird, yet another in a line of top-water bass lures made to catch bigger bass. Like all previous Birds, the Mike Long Signature Bird can be thrown into the deep cover or over nasty slop, fished in the skinny shades or in open water to instigate largemouth bass and other predatory fish to strike.

Watch Mike Long describe the latest Flip in the Bird topwater lure!

State of the Art Topwater Bass Fishing Lure

You may have fished many different types of top water baits, including frogs, lizards and mice… all designed to offer a specific profile to a hungry bass. Unlike those baits, Flip in The Bird was designed to be one of the most effective and best lures for bass you will ever have in your tackle box – a bass fishing lure that actually mimics the birds in your local ponds and fisheries.

Why Use A Bird Lure to Catch Bigger Bass?

When we found a black bird inside the stomach of a largemouth bass, we realized – what many of you have realized – that bass love eating birds! This was the inspiration of the most revolutionary and best topwater bass lure to hit the market in a long time. Fishing a bird is like no other experience you have ever had. You’ll catch more and bigger bass with this topwater bass lure! Flip In The Bird has developed 9 different birds, each one designed to mimic a specific bird species in your particular region.

Whether you’re on the West Coast or the East Coast, or somewhere in between, we’ve got just the right bird for you.

How to Tune the Bird

Once you have the bird, you’ll want to take a few moments to trim the wings for optimum effect. Check out this informative video that explains exactly how to tune your bird.

How to Flip The Bird

Inventor Sam Kennedy and  Elite Pro Angler Travis Manson talk about their methods of Flip In The Bird. There are several techniques to catch bigger bass with this remarkable topwater bass lure, but Sam and  Travis have enjoyed the most success “dead sticking” the bait for between 5-15 seconds. This technique creates a distressed bird by twitching the bait left and right, which in turn drives bass to strike. The result? You’ll catch bigger bass more frequently.

Watch below to learn how to FISH the bird.